St. Cecilia Music Center artprize music hub


2015 ArtPrize Music Registration April 20 – June 4

Be a part of the musical side of ArtPrize
St. Cecilia Music Center (SCMC) will again host musical entries and serve as the ArtPrize “music hub.”

ArtPrize Music
As an ArtPrize artist you are eligible to win the public vote award in the TIME-BASED category which is $12,500 this year, as well as the $200,000 public vote grand prize. As a TIME-BASED artist you are also eligible for a juried awards in that category.

SCMC will once again be awarding our own special music prize money – $10,000 specifically for music! $2,000 cash, as well as recording time at Mackinaw Harvest Studios, will be awarded in each of five genre categories:

  • Rock/Blues
  • Folk/Country
  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Pop/Electronic.

Winners will be decided by popular vote via the ArtPrize website.
Only entries at SCMC will be eligible for the St. Cecilia awards.

ArtPrize Onstage
SCMC will also be organizing “ArtPrize Onstage,” an after-hours segment of ArtPrize that offers the possibility of paid gigs during the event.

ArtPrize Busking
Two years ago we introduced official “busking stations” throughout the city. Last year there were over 100 busking slots scheduled during the first 10 days of ArtPrize! This year we will continue to organize busking at six different locations (some amplified, others acoustic.) These specific and publicized locations throughout the city will allow you, if you so choose, to perform numerous times during the first two weeks of the event to garner attention for your musical entry – and you as a musician or band.

About Registration
Remember, your entry needs to be an original composition.
A recent work is encouraged.

Registration Steps

  • Go to to register from April 20 through June 4, 2015
  • You MUST select a category and ALL music entries should choose TIME-BASED
  • Pay the registration fee
  • Use Soundcloud to upload your song to your profile page
  • Tag your profile with the tag MUSIC (it is a built-in tag)
  • Request St. Cecilia Music Center as your venue
  • Monitor your email for incoming messages from SCMC and from ArtPrize.
  • There are various steps to complete your “connection” to SCMC as a venue– just because you requested SCMC as your venue does not mean you are actually registered.
  • SCMC will need to “accept” you at the venue and then you need to “confirm” again – there are about three back and forth clicks that will need to take place.
  • We recommend using a primary email address on your profile so that you receive communication from SCMC and ArtPrize to ensure you complete registration and connection correctly.
  • The connection phase of ArtPrize is from April 28-June 18 which means that I can’t confirm your connection until April 28 so don’t worry if that hasn’t happened during the first week of registration. And, the connection phase goes beyond June 4 so again, you must register by June 4 but we can connect up through the 18th.

St. Cecilia Music Center is happy to provide a home for musical entries during ArtPrize and we hope you will be part of it.

If you have questions, please email


The 2014 St. Cecilia Music Center
ARTPRIZE Music Award Winners:

Classical award
sponsored by Kim Mitchell
Artist: Matthew Fisher
Title: Glorious Christmas

Pop/Electronic award
sponsored by CompuCraft
Artist: American WiFi
Title: Spin My Record

Rock/Blues award
sponsored by Revue Magazine
Artist: Molly Bouwsma Schultz
Title: Kindness (441 Cass)

Jazz Award
sponsored by Otterbase Ince, Sue Tiggleman and anonymous
Artist: Roger MacNaugton
Title: 5 Mile Mountain

Folk/Country award
sponsored by Royce Rolls Ringer, Diversified Financial Concepts and the St. Cecilia board of directors
Artist: Channing and Quinn
Title: The Stalker Song

Each of the artists listed about received a $2,000 cash award and a recording session at Mackinaw Harvest Studios.

We congratulate all of the artists who entered their music into ARTPRIZE 2014, and express our gratitude to all of the sponsors who made these awards possible.

More about artprize …

In 2014, a total of 86 SCMC ArtPrize MUSICAL ARTISTS had:

  • The chance to win public ArtPrize cash prizes!
  • The chance to win the juried award of $20,000 in ArtPrize’s TIME BASED category.
  • The chance to win $2,000 within a specific music genre.
  • Their song posted on the ArtPrize website for tens of thousands of people to hear.
  • Their song will be exhibited at listening stations at SCMC during the entire ArtPrize.
    (More than 20,000 people visited SCMC last year during the event!)
  • The opportunity to perform live throughout the city at busking stations.


St. Cecilia Music Center continued as the ArtPrize 2014 Music Hub with a focus on musical entries and five special music prizes presented. This year we added even more busking stations throughout the city and installed 12 visual pieces in the Terry Berry Gallery making ArtPrize 2014 a high profile event for another season.
Please contact development director Ricki L. Levine or 616.459.2224 (ext 205) for sponsorship information.

Thank you to our Artprize 2014 Music Award
and Listening Station Sponsors