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What Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center is saying about SCMC

Wednesday, February 01 2012

See David Finckel’s announcement about CMS touring HERE

“The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center feels a natural connection with St. Cecilia Music Center: both organizations were founded by people passionately committed to the idea of homes for great music in their communities. CMS is young compared to St. Cecilia, and we are thrilled and honored to be partnering with an institution that has contributed so sincerely, for so long, to the culture of its city.

Our duty at Lincoln Center is to present the entire spectrum of chamber music at the highest performance level in the world. We offer nothing less to St. Cecilia Music Center, and will work closely with its organizers to ensure a steady and exciting selection of chamber music’s most interesting and important works, grouped into thoughtful and engaging programs.

Grand Rapids audiences will quickly come to know CMS@SCMC as a place that gathers extraordinary musicians from across both generations and cultures. The musicians we bring to you will soon be your friends, and during the course of our partnership a whole community of unbelievable performers, from all over the world, will come to know Grand Rapids as a center of culture in America.”

David Finkel and Wu Han