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Terryberry Gallery

Terryberry Gallery

Terryberry Gallery

Opened in 1986, the Terryberry Gallery exhibits local and international art throughout the St. Cecilia Music Center’s season.

Located on the lower level of the Music Center, the Gallery is truly a delightful accent to an already beautiful appointed building.

9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday,
and during concerts and events.


Now On Display in the Terryberry Gallery

APRIL 2015
Opening Reception 5:30pm, April 14, 2015

JAMES JOHNSON – Painting in Watercolor

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I love to watch colors swimming and blending together in clear water. Once the pigment is suspended in water, an artist cannot simply command the pigment to go this way or that’ to create the desired image. The best he can do is to nudge and encourage a pathway to another shape which may then combine with the new invasive color to create the desired shape. I feel the thrill of this dance every time I apply a brushstroke. The process is always just on the edge of being out of control, but never quite’. And then there’s the brilliant whiteness of the paper showing through those translucent colors. Magical! Also, I love art that is loose and spontaneous. Watercolor encourages that spontaneity because it is somewhat unforgiving about the artist changing direction half way through the painting. To create this kind of art, I’ve learned to embrace the concept of risk. I’m always working a little out of my comfort zone, pushing and stretching myself to try something new with each painting. I’ve done my best paintings, and have had the most fun, when I’ve taken risks right from my very first brushstroke.

Artist’s History

JAMES LLOYD JOHNSON was born in 1944, educated at Kendall College and the Art Institute of Chicago. His career as a commercial illustrator began in 1971 and continued for over thirty years. Over the years his illustrations have won awards in many juried competitions.

Since retirement in 2004, Jim has taken to painting landscapes in his native Michigan and in Key West. More recently, he has added portraits, still lifes, and figurative work to his range of subject matter. In October of 2009 American Artist Magazine published a feature article about Jim and his approach to watercolors. He presently lives, paints, and exhibits in West Michigan.

Upcoming Terryberry Gallery Exhibits

MAY – JUNE 2015



Artists interested in exhibiting at Terryberry Gallery can download our Contract and Gallery floor plan below. Please Email a completed contract with your bio, artist statement, contact information and three electronic work samples to our offices.