Youth Music Programs in West Michigan

Youth Programs

Pictured are St. Cecilia Music Center School of Music students and an instructor reading music and playing stringed instruments.

SCMC is proud to offer a variety of music education programs for West Michigan youth. Our wide array of kids music classes provide training and experience in everything from rock-n-roll to chamber music, music clubs, and music theory. What we do at the School of Music

  • Provide high-quality music training and performance opportunities for musicians of all ages and abilities.
  • Foster a lifelong appreciation for music.
  • Create an environment in which students learn from outstanding music professionals and from one another.
  • Bring Together talented musicians of all ages from across the region to rehearse and perform under inspiring leadership.
  • Maintain a forum for students to experience various aspects of performance.
  • Introduce students to diverse musical literature.
  • Encourage personal best through disciplined ear training, rehearsals and music score reading.
  • Develop performers and audiences for the future.

For more information or assistance please contact Martha Cudlipp Bundra at or call 616-459-2224 x206

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